Monday, August 08, 2005

Microsoft's Vista Has a Vision of a Virus...

It's been awhile since I blogged about anything computer-related, especially being the Mac evangelist that I am. I just couldn't pass this opportunity up, though...

Apparently, someone has already developed a virus for Microsoft's upcoming operating system, Windows Vista (once known as "Longhorn). Vista, which has been hailed by Microsoft as a "revolutionary brand new way of computing" (Read: "We figured out a way to copy Apple again") hasn't even been released, and it ALREADY has a virus. Sheesh, and I thought that this OS was going to be the "safest ever."

Everyone, before you make yet another mistake and buy into Microsoft's phony marketing, step up to the next level of computing and buy yourself a Mac. No crippling pop-ups, no nasty viruses to worry about, and no need to have a virus program that hogs up your resources. AND, it just "makes sense." With MS, the only "Vista" you're going to have is "more of the same."

...Speaking of Macs, if you're a student or faculty member, Apple is offering a "Buy a Mac, Get a iPod" promotion, where if you buy a new Mac computer, you get a free iPod mini. Check out for more details. Check 'em out; they're incredibly affordable with education discounts!


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