Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Day, Another Trip to Syracuse

Well, now that I got my room all sorted out, I have to make yet another 5-hour journey to the Cuse. There's some photo stuff that I left behind from the last time I was there, and I need to bring it back to NYC. I also figured to use some of the time that I was up there to head back into the darkroom and get some prints developed.

I really need to get a scanner so I can start posting some of these pictures. But, that ain't gonna happen until I gets me a J-O-B, so, heh, looks like that's going to have to wait.

Hell, I can't even find my digital camera... where the hell did it run off to?

So, for my NYC peeps, ta-ta, till Thursday, when I zoom back to the city just in time to watch the brand-new "Superman" movie on an IMAX screen. Now, THAT should be some hot stuff right there.

Can you believe the tickets were 15 dollars!!!

Sigh. That's what happens when you live in the most expensive city in America.


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