Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, two days down, three to go during this lovely trial week in the Boiler Room. I was mildly surprised yesterday when I walked into work (this time, just 2 minutes late, as opposed to 30) and discovered that the two brothers-in-arms that I started with on Monday had been fired. The reasoning?

"They just didn't have what it takes to succeed in this business."

And here I was, thinking that THESE guys had to earn OUR trust, not the other way around.

Basically, I was told that I "passed the test" and that I was now the newest addition to the company. Gee, thanks.

So, whatever, I started doing my thing, making cold calls to businesses. Unfortunately, I was absolutely ravaged the whole day by a slight fever... and I was supposed to work from 9AM - 8PM! After awhile, I started losing confidence in doing this whole thing, and little by little, the enthusiasm in my pitches started declining. My bosses, including Mr. "Fuck 'em Good," took me aside, bought me a coffee, and gave me tips on how to overcome my issue. Next thing I knew, I was practicing my pitches to the bosses, and well, I guess I made them happy, as they were rubbing their hands in anticipation of the money I could make for the company.

"Ray, tonight, go home and build yourself a luxury car online, print it out, and then bring it to work tomorrow. That's going to be your goal; you need to be able to BUY that car, cash money, in one year."

The Wall Street people sure know how to get people off, don't they?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want my advice? You want a goal to work towards, take your student loan statements tape them up at your desk and imagine how good it will feel when those balances say 0! That's a goal you can be happy about, but that just a mother's humble opinion . . . :-)

10:39 AM  

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