Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Crush of the Month (December 2005)

Alrighty, guys, it's been awhile since I've named a "Crush of the Month", but fear not, because this month's winner is definitely a doozie...

For the past two months, this wonderful lady has given me the exquisite pleasure of greeting me with a smile every single morning. And everytime I went to bed, I had the incredible luck to be able to look into her eyes and whisper sweet nothings as I slipped into a deep slumber.

Who could it be other than the wonderful Vida Guerra, FHM's Cover Girl for the Month of November and my December Crush of the Month. (Oh, and that whole thing about seeing her everyday? I was talking about my desktop picture, lol)

For those of ya'll who have no idea who she is, Vida burst onto the modeling scene about 3 years ago, when her now ex-boyfriend sent in pictures of her for a monthly FHM "Show off your girlfriend" contest. As soon as her initial pics came out, people began clamoring for more, and, well, before you knew it, Vida was everywhere. Since her initial break, she's launched a very successful website, vidasworld.com appeared on a few TV shows and movies, and she's launching a highly anticipated calendar in 2006. In other words, this girl is raking in the dough. And with good reason. She has incredible "assets."

And now, her wonderful culo has been selected to grace the pages of the "Coffee Break" for years to come. Wowee.


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