Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Is My Blog On Drugs...Any Questions?

I don't know if anyone caught that program, "The World's Most Dangerous Drug" that was on earlier this evening on the National Geographic Channel, but man, that shit was pretty serious. The show, which came on before LOST (seriously, is it me, or is that show getting even moreridiculous?), discussed at length the crystal meth epidemic that's taking over the country at an alarming rate. Now, over the years, I've read various articles and stories about the growing influence of meth on Americans, but this was the first time that I've ever seen the issue discussed at length on a television program. It's fucking crazy just how awful that drug is to people. It makes the crack epidemic of the 80's look like a fucking day at band camp. Let's not even get into the addictive effects of the drug, which is right up there in terms of potency with crack... have you seen what this drug can do to someone, physically, over a period of time? In a period of 9 months of heavy use, you'll see people undergo vast transformations, where they look like they just set foot into a time chamber and aged 20 years, losing their teeth in the process. It's crazy, man.

From my understanding, meth is nothing new out on the West Coast, but here on the East Coast, the drug is beginning to take hold in the impoverished areas of the east and nearby army bases. Washington D.C, for example, is seeing a major spike in use and in production, but yet at the same time, no one out here is even talking about it. Seriously, we need to get on the ball with this shit. Fuck these stupid ass commercials we all see on TV dealing with marijuana (Who could forget the anti-weed commercial that equated buying weed to supporting terrorism.. yeah, right.). Let's get kids talking about meth. Show these kids the pictures of an average meth user's teeth, and I swear, those overly self-conscious kids will never even want to THINK of using that drug ever in their fucking life.

If you have kids, or deal with kids, let 'em know just how bad this stuff is. And for my college people, I swear, if you ever hear someone say, "man, I wanna try meth," do us all a favor and smack the living crap out of them.

This is a Coffee Break PSA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've pretty much grown tired of Lost (I know that that wasnt the main point of this blog, but you should probably write a blog entitled "Why Lost has gone too far and asked too much". I'm sure you can create a better title than that, lol). Maybe the creators were on drugs when writing the newest script.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Freebird said...

You're absolutely right about meth aging people 20 years. That shit is scary.

9:07 AM  

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