Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This Guy's Had 4,000 Too Many Lattes...

Today, I just found this article on ABC News that talks about a guy who is on a decade-long mission to visit every single Starbucks in the world. This guy, who calls himself, "Winter" is a Latino from Texas that apparently has tons of time to burn and plenty of money to support his never-ending quest. (I say, "never-ending" because the company opens a new Starbucks somewhere in the world once every four seconds, according to internal reports.) As of August 8th, Winter has already visited 4,775 Starbucks in North America alone over the past eight years.

Apparently, he's already visited the store here at Syracuse University, though judging by the picture he took of the place, he dropped on by a bit over 4 years ago. However, he has stopped on by Syracuse's brand new stores at Armory Square and Fayetteville, which were just opened a little over two months ago. So, it is possible that he stopped by our place and we didn't realize it. By all accounts, his mission is just a personal one; it gives him an excuse to take an incredible road trip across the country. Nothing more. He doesn't make any kind of critiques about the company or about any of the stores he's visited, and fails to engage with any of the baristas at these stores, which he should be paying attention to. After all, a Starbucks is only as good as the employees behind the bar. We are the ones that make Starbucks great, after all. The only thing corporate does is muck everything up by taking the soul out of the company in an effort to make as much money as possible.

Winter's story has attracted so much attention, that someone is actually making a movie about him. I can only hope that the movie actually addresses many of the issues that surround the company instead of just being a two-hour documentary of him just walking in and out of stores.

Want to see if he's visited your local Starbucks? Check out his site at starbuckseverywhere.net


Blogger Freebird said...

What a nutjob. Obviously someone with too much money and time on their hands.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Veronica said...

Sheesh, and I thought I liked Starbucks.

5:26 PM  
Blogger ~Krystyn~ said...

He's got a serious caffeine addiction I guess...wonder how he's financing this craziness?

9:46 AM  

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