Monday, March 28, 2005

"You Live Next Door to a Killer?"

The biggest news to hit SU campus in the past couple of years, outside of our basketball national championship from a couple of years ago, was the recent homicide of a 23-year old girl, allegedly committed by a 22-year part time SU student and cheerleader, Brian Shaw. As the report goes, last Wednesday night, Brian went up to this girl's place, who happened to be his baby's momma's crib, got into an altercation so severe that the girl, Chiarra Seals, wound up unconscious, and then, wrapped the girl's body in a blanket in front of two little children, carried her off to his place, stuffed the body in a suitcase, and then, proceded to carry the suitcase and drop it off in someone's random backyard two blocks away. After someone reported the girl missing, police eventually followed a lead that led them directly to the body of the girl, and connected Brian to the crime. That night, Brian was taken into custody by the Syracuse Police.

When news began filtering out that Brian was connected to a murder, everyone who knew him couldn't believe it. Brian? A murderer? He's just too chill for that nonsense. He wouldn't even kill spiders because he believed that "any little life was too precious to snuff out." The idea that Brian, one of the most brolic-looking people you'll ever meet, with muscles up the wazoo, would beat someone to death, and then carry a body around to dump it in someone's back yard, was simply too hard to fathom. This was a guy that gave Justine and I a completely random ride to campus one time during the middle of a blizzard and kept us from waiting for a bus that would never come. He was maaadd cool. It just couldn't be him, we thought. But then, we received news that Brian confessed his crime to the SPD. Aww shit, we thought...

And then, "OHH SHIIT," I thought...

...Brian is my next door neighbor.

He brought that girl's body to the house next door to mine. He stuffed the girl in a suitcase inside of a garage I share with his house. And he then proceded to dump the body in the backyard of a house that was a few doors down from a place where a lot of my friends live two blocks away. This whole incident has completely hit close to home. Literally. On Thursday afternoon, my house was surrounded by detectives, yellow tape, and forensics specialists. News crews from all over the Central New York area paid a visit. It was such a surreal scene. Somehow, in all the mayhem, I was interviewed by one of the news networks about Brian.

Things are becoming gangsta out here in Cuse...two weeks ago, there was a dead body of a 16-year old boy found in a park about three blocks away from my house. Robberies are more and more common around here, too...

But never would anyone expect that something like this would hit so close to home. It's so surreal...

Check out my little television debut: "SU Cheerleader Charged with Murder" (3/24/05)"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy National Orange Day!

135 years ago, a bunch of peanutheads said, "Hey, let's start a college in the middle of fucking nowhere in the frozen tundra!"

And thus, 135 years ago, Syracuse University was born.

Yes people, today is National Orange Day, a day when some 225,000 living SU Alumni all gather 'round and remember the good ol' days when they got head on the Quad, and choose to ignore the fact that our almighty basketball team was trounced by a bunch of scrubs from Vermont in the NCAA Tournament.

To celebrate, Syracuse's skyline will be Orange. (Y'know, because the Chancellor owns this big weather machine that has complete control over the surrounding conditions within the City of Syracuse. All SU students know that whenever there's good weather in the middle of winter, there's a very good chance that weather is only there because the Chancellor is schmoozing to potential incoming freshmen. ) Several other places are getting in on the festivities too. Like the Empire State Building will fly the SU flag and have orange lighting at the top. Or Otto, the school mascot will jump off the Grand Canyon and hope he'll bounce back up. (Don't hold your breath for that one...the fat bastard.) (Just kidding on that one...I'll slice his throat first...)

(Okay, okay...just kidding...after all, "Otto" is really a tiny, cute girl wearing a really dorky costume. She's cool people.)

How can YOU celebrate National Orange Day?

Buy an Apple. :-D

(OKAAAAY...just kidding...cono...)

Eat a orange. And don't ask me why the hell we're the "Orange" considering oranges don't even grow in New York State. Apples do.

All the more reason to buy an Apple. :-D

Apples, Oranges...same shit, in my world. :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Jamaica Pictures Posted

With stlll even more stuff to come, here's the first installment of content from Jamaica. Check out the my little online Photo Album from Jamaica, as well as the Pic of the Week, courtesy of my main Shindig page. (Yes people, there's finally new content...)

Movies and other stuff coming soon!

Pics from Jamaica

Photo of the Week (Jamaica Style!)

Drop some comments and let me know what you guys think!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Back from Jamaica!

Hey ya'll. After an extended absence, I'm happy to report that I'm back from Jamaica in one piece! Stories, pictures, and movies to follow soon! (We have to collectively get all of our pictures and video together so we can begin showing them off to everyone.)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gragggghhh!! :-(

You don't know how much I'm pining to give everyone a good 'ol update. I'm so blitzed with work...grrrr...

On the plus side... I'm going to JAMAICA!!!!! :-D The "International Manwhore" himself is back in action!!!

I'm heading out to Negril this coming Sunday...I should have update the Musings and the main Homepage just in time before I leave. All of you people that have been with me from the get-go KNOW I'm going to have mad pics and even video. My partners in crime are going to be Pedro, Edwin (SpEd), Morgan, and Michelle, as well as two other dudes I really don't know. I'm sure I'm going to come back and say "BOMBACLOT!" for everything.

Until then, though, let me get back to my regularly scheduled college work...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wheww...gotta recover...

This past weekend, I had a crazy-ass road trip across New York State, visiting different colleges and getting my freak on like no other. It was a lot of good, a lot of bad, and a lot of in between... But before I get into it, I have to catch up on work that I didn't get to during the weekend, so, I'll holla back soon! Look out for the blog about the trip, as well as a completely updated main page with pictures and even video! (No more "Movie of the Month" dating back to Halloween, lol)

"Papi, quien tu eres?"

"Daddy, Daddy, Money, Money."

(Damn...too much reggaeton for one weekend...)
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