Thursday, April 21, 2005

Eat Some More Food!

According to the New York Times, being overweight is actually good for you.

Yes, you read that right; being slightly overweight as compared to being normal or skinny is better for your health.

Don't believe me? Check out the link to the article here.

Maybe those "walking scarecrows" we all know will actually take a look at this article and start eating some freaking food! :-)

The Commodification of the iPod

You know specific products have become commodities the minute you can find them being sold in an average vending machine. Well, apparently, the high priced uber gadget, the iPod, is now being sold in vending machines in San Francisco International Airport. Of course, they don't expect you to stick in 200 $1 bills to pay for one; you instead pay by credit card..

...Imagine if they get stuck on the way down? You bet your ass off that I'll be shaking that machine like a fucking madman...

Shouts to for the story.

Check out this link to see a little blurb about the vending machine, and actually see a picture of it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Once a Week" Musings

Given the ridiculous amount of things I've had to do these past couple of months, it's been unfortunate that, among other things, this wonderful little blog has suffered with a lack of content, at least when compared to this time, last year. Between the senior year projects, end-of year social events, work, and Apple stuff, I've been swamped with so many activities. It's really awful, considering that there have been so many hilarious things that have been happening lately, as well. Maybe I'll do one big freaking "catch-up" season over the summer, where I'll publish a daily blog reviewing some of the major events of the past semester...

Until then, however, I'm stuck with updating the "Daily" Musings, once a week. Kinda sucks, no?

So here are some random updates...

...I'm getting my senior ring on April 29th. It's pretty cool, I guess. There's gonna be some fancy schmancy ceremony where the Vice-Chancellor of the school is going to formally present me with my ring. What will I be doing during this event? Pigging out on all the free food, of course! I am, after all, a broke ass college student!

...I'm staying at Syracuse for an extra semester folks. Yes, it is true. I am here for one more freaking Fall semester. I'll also be here for the summer, too. Well, not all of it. Only the first month, or so. I have to tie up some loose ends and also finish up my second major. After that, I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I'm looking forward to moving up into Apple Corporate upon graduation, but we'll see where that goes. I can't wait to have some free time on my hands where I can head back down to NYC and begin experimenting with some of the things that I've been wanting to dive into for a long time... Let's just say that it's time to see how much raw "talent" I really have... and no, I'm not talking about 42nd Street, you freaking haters! :-)

...Single life is beginning to really bore me... It's just too bad that I feel that there isn't anyone out there that I've encountered thus far that's ready for someone undergoing what I call a "character revitalization." (Some people call it, "finding themselves," which quite frankly, I think, is one of the stupidest fucking phrases out there. Find myself? I'm right here, biatch!) is fast becoming the "find your old friends from years past" hot spot. I'm all of a sudden getting IMed from mad people from my grade school and high school. I'm getting comments ranging from, "Damn, Ray, you've certainly come of age," to, "Mutha fucka, you're an even worse asshole than ever!" Ah,'s refreshing, to say the least. :-)

...My momma has taken a big bold step and has made, "the Switch..." After two decades of using Windows environments, she has collected the courage to buy herself a Mac. As of this writing, it still hasn't come in yet, but, it should be interesting seeing how my mother manages using it, considering she really doesn't have experience with Apple computers. I look forward to answering her newbie questions, like, "How do I uninstall programs?" It's easy, momma. Just find the program icon, and drag it into the Trash Can. That's it. No, "Install/Remove Programs" window to fumble around with. :-)

...Speaking of Macs, the new Mac operating system, "Tiger" is coming out on the 29th. I look forward to its release not because I'm an Apple employee, but also because it's going to be rather cool using that new search technology called "Spotlight." You don't know how many times I've written kick-ass sentences and descriptions, and I can't remember what document it was saved in. Instead of opening up 20 documents to find one phrase, I can now type in my phrase in this little menu, and in two seconds flat, the document pops up with the text highlighted. It'll definitely be a lifesaver, considering all the writing I do on a daily basis.

...No one else has been killed in my neighborhood since my last post...

...In all my four years at SU, only Anna, Javan and Kenny have made it to Central NY to visit me out of my high school friends. What's up with that?! (Wait, I can't forget Arash and Al, but they came up to see my old roommate, Nelson.) All this talk of, "Ray, I want to visit you," and NOTHING! Ya'll officially suck. I think, along with my Crush of the Month category, I should have a "Sucky Person of the Month." And I'd nominate all them people who said that they were going to come through and never did. (Just joking, people... but ya'll still suck. :-) ) Well, here's a newsflash, folks; now that I have one more semester, you have one more chance to visit me, so come on through, wenches, and take advantage of the antics that only we could provide up here in the Cuse. :-) And my blogging buddies are more than welcome to come through and visit, as well. :-D

...I'm still walking at graduation this year, by the way, so, that's not changing...

...Happy 4/20 day!!! Here's a toast to all them potheads out there. It's just too bad that tomorrow is "Drug Test Day..." So, smoke carefully! :-)

...Starbucks is getting on my nerves. Fucking, I saw Mickey Mouse chillin in the back storeroom like shit was sweet. This tiny little brown mouse waddled up to my foot, looked up at me, and actually said, "Eep, eep," while I was on my lunch break during a shift last week. I couldn't believe it. I moved my foot in an effort to shoo it away, and the thing just sat there looking at me! It's amazing how that store hasn't been shut down by health inspectors considering how god damn dirty the place is. The store is in dire need of massive renovations, and Corporate keeps dragging its feet about doing it. So now, we have Mickey Mouse in the back storeroom, and as Partners, we're being told to keep a blind eye to it. I really can't believe that the store's management is sinking that low. So, now, when a customer buys a chocolate chip cookie, I question whether or not I should tell that individual that the cookie they're purchasing might have something other than chocolate as chips...

(I exaggerate... All of our pastries are wrapped and stuffed in refrigerators, so if Mickey really wanted to get up on the food, all he'd be doing is slipping and sliding on the wet cellophane wrappers. :-))

...I see a new Pope has been elected. Whatever. I'm tired of news coming out the Vatican. Thanks to this ridiculous amount of coverage in media, now all of a sudden, EVERYONE is a fucking expert on Papal Doctrine. This random Jewish guy in one of my classes yesterday comes up to me and says, "Hey, did you hear that the new Pope selected "Benedict" for his name? He's hoping to follow in the tradition of the previous Benedicts, who were known for their compassion..." I'm like, "What the fuck? Who the fuck cares! Why the fuck YOU care? Why the fuck WE care?" I'm all for people learning about other cultures, but, you don't need to tell me the name of all the previous 255 Popes (See what I mean!? How the fuck I know that number!?) to strike up a convo with a Catholic dude. Never mind that the vast majority of us took one look at the dude just elected, and moved on with our lives. I can't freaking believe there was an actual, "Smoke Cam" that focused in on the Sistene Chapel's chimney thing that was used to alert whether or not a new Pope was elected. Enough is enough already with media coverage. Why can't people be sudden experts on issues that REALLY affect them, like the capitalist Prison Complex, or the fact that our minimum wage ain't doing shit for people? I would like to see experts running around about that. THEN, we could talk.

...Alrighty, I guess, that's all for my weekly Musing! :-)

EDIT: Apparently, there were 265 Popes before this new bad...the Jewish guy holla'd me. I stand corrected. Still, see what I friggin mean!!!?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Place in the Stars

As I packed up my things to head on home after my last class of the evening, my professor walked up to me, patted me on the shoulder and said, "You know, Ray, you never cease to amaze me."

"What do you mean?"

I knew clearly what he meant. At least I thought he did. There aren't too many people out there who can walk into a class 2 hours late, and deliver an on-point 50 minute presentation as if it were nothing.

"Ray, somehow, I know that one day, you're going to be giving Bill Gates a run for his money on the Fortune 500 list. There's just something about you that screams "talent." I may not know what it is, but all I know is that you have "it."

I stopped trying to shove a book that clearly wouldn't fit into my laptop case and turned to look at my professor.

"I'm sure you say that to a lot of your students."

"No, Ray. In all my 26 years of teaching, I've only met 3 students, including you, that have 'it.' You're a bright, calculating, and charismatic visionary. You have this air about you that exudes 'cool.' I seriously think that when people were telling their kids that they could be anything that they put their mind to, they were thinking about people like you."

I was simply floored. His words hit me like that truck slammed that girl in "Final Destination."

"You're at this stage in your life, now, that you've set out and achieved many of your initial goals, you're looking for something else to inspire you and carry you forward. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's going to be an incredible journey. But before you go off and try to find your place in the world, make sure you find your seat in my classroom, on time, next week."

I held onto every single word he said, waved a nervous goodbye, and walked outside, eager to just sit down somewhere and process everything he just said. As I felt the cold evening air hit my skin, I suddenly had the urge to turn towards the center of campus. I walked to the SU Quad, and noticed a little grouping of Astronomy geeks hovering around a huge telescope parked near the center of the Quad.

"Want to look at Saturn?"

I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the group. Apparently, they were there to try to get passerby to join an Astronomy Club. Out of courtesy, I signed their little "interest" form and gave them my school e-mail address to send their crap to, and then walked up to the telescope to catch a glimpse at the famous "ringed planet." After some minor adjustments, I was finally able to catch a real-life glimpse of the planet. As huge as that planet is purported to be, it looked like a little white spec with rings around it. It was while I was looking at that planet that I suddenly had an epiphany.

Am I going to remain grounded on Earth, or rise to take my place in the stars?

I've always had the feeling that no matter what, I was going to become someone important, as if my life meant so much more than just me attending school and joining the workforce. With less than a month before graduation, I still don't know who that "important someone" is going to be, but I do know that I'm at a crossroads. The dilemma I'm faced with is how am I going to get right up there with Saturn? How am I going set myself apart from the rest, and in what direction am I headed in? Am I waiting for something to inspire me, like my professor said?

Whatever it is, I have no idea what's next for me. Where do I go from here? Where will I be 10 years from now? Will I challenge Bill Gates for financial bragging rights? Will I own my own business? Will I become a CEO? A lawyer? Or will I become a revolutionary in Latin America?

Clearly, the sky's the limit, but maybe it's not bad to try and aim for the stars. :-)

As for class, maybe it is time to aim for getting there on time...

Monday, April 11, 2005

The President and his iPod

It looks like the President might have SOME sense... apparently, the President himself has a wonderful little iPod to play any song he feels like banging his head to while starting wars and slashing Social Security. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle discusses the song collection that the President has amassed since his daughters bought him an iPod for his birthday in July.

A direct quote from the article: "One thing that's interesting is that the President likes artists who don't like him."

You can check the article out for yourself here

As for the President's "sense," on second thought, maybe it's better for us to assume that "Bush" and "sense" should not belong together in the same sentence. :-) But it's great to know that he's an Apple customer. :-D


FOUR MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL! SHIIITTT!!!! has kicked in...blaaaahhhh....

Instead of doing work this weekend like I was supposed to, what did I do?! I fucking chilled outside with my neighbors (no, not the ones that stuff people into suitcases), and basically spent the entire weekend relaxing in the suddenly gorgeous weather we've been having and getting plastered with all sorts of alcoholic goodies. Couldn't afford going out to parties, so I just stayed around the neighborhood and chilled can only wish that life was all about just chillin outside under the sun with a few cool friends and talking about absolutely nothing.

...But, it's time to get to work, because if I don't, I'll be the one who'll wind up into absolutely nothing!

Crush of the Month (March/April)

Sony PSP
Originally uploaded by djkibblesnbits.
Someone the other day was like, "Hey!! What happened to your Crush of the Month! I want to know who (or what) is it this time?!"

So here I am, with the Crush of the Month update...and there's a reason why I haven't updated it...I've been spending way too much time playing with it... (Pause on that one.)

Introducing the brand-spanken new Sony PSP. I'm sure people have been hearing about it a lot in media outlets across the country, but basically, this little thing right here is the latest and greatest product to hit the video game market. The thing plays games at Playstation 2-level graphics, and has this huge freaking screen that's to die for. Plus, the system is open to all kinds of formats, meaning that I can play movies from a Memory Stick on it. (Tee hee... ripping DVDs to watch on that thing when I'm on the go will be so much fun!), and it can also display photos and play music. Some people have positioned this system as the "iPod Killer." (Of course, me being the Apple whore that I am, I can honestly say that the last statement is definitely false.) No matter what people call it, however, I will tell you this one's simply amazing.

Check one out in a electronics store near you.

So, I got, for the first time in the short history of the "Crush of the Month," I actually have obtained the object of my desires...

... Jessica Alba is next... :-)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Holy Shit.

Alright, so unless you've been living under a rock the past couple of days, everyone knows that the Pope has passed away. Some people think that's a big deal, and other people are like, "It's about damn time." And still there are some people who are like, "What's a Pope?"

I, being the cynical, liberal Catholic that I am, thought the Pope was already dead for like two years already, and was only being held up by a bunch of cardinals with puppet strings screaming to themselves, "Make his mouth move, make it move!!!" :-)

In all seriousness, despite the fact I really don't care much for anything coming out of the Vatican (especially after my trip to Rome, where I saw, first hand, all the crap the Catholic Church has done in the name of God), part of me felt a bit down once I first heard word of the Pope's passing. Sure, I felt like John Paul II was a bit of a ancient lunkhead with his insistence on banning all forms of contraception in light of the AIDS epidemic, or his restructuring of the Church that centered all power in Rome, leaving the rest of the Catholic Church isolated (thus, helping to cause the ridiculous priest sex scandals in the US), but there was a part of me that admired the man. He was just a good person. With all the touring he was doing during his Papacy, he began to realize that the key to bringing the Church into the 21st Century was by embracing youth culture. So, that's when he began inviting people to break dance at the Vatican, and started things like, "Holy Text Messaging" (you could actually get text messages from the Pope, and he'd give you words of encouragement). He also was a man who reached across all faiths and tried, in earnest, to appeal to other religions in order to bring about understanding and peace between peoples of different creeds. (The first Pope ever to visit the Arab world.) Pope John Paul II was simply, a cool old man. :-)

So, here's one to my meng, the Pope. We all know he's up in Heaven, doing his thing, and chasing after mad girls. (Because, you know, that's what God rewards good Popes with in Heaven; youth, and a lot of tail. :-) )

Monday, April 04, 2005

Jamaica Movie Posted!

Hey everyone, remember that movie that I've been promising to publish? Without further ado, here's the first movie, "Ask Morgan" published on the Shindig, for all to enjoy. Hope you guys like it! (Running time is three minutes. Quicktime is required.)

Click on this link to the Shindig, and then click on the "Movie of the Month" link.

The Shindig

Sun, Fun, and Cockblocks: Spring Break in Jamaica

I start this blog with a disclaimer that I hope no one takes to heart:

Whatever happened in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica. :-)

Of course, we are talking about ME after all...and of course, whenever I'm involved, I tend to divulge quite a lot actually. So, in a nutshell, here's what happened:

After some last-minute scheduling, Michelle, Morgan, Pedro, Edwin, and myself managed to get in on a trip to Negril, Jamaica for Spring Break. Two other guys, Walter and Paulie, two brothers of Morgan, Pedro and Edwin's fraternity, Lambda Sigma Upsilon, also joined in on the package. The guys left out of Newark Airport in New Jersey, while Michelle and I left out of JFK in NYC. After some initial delays, we made it to Jamaica's Montego Bay airport on an early Sunday afternoon. After nearly dying of heat asphyxiation waiting in this long ass line to get through Jamaican Immigration, we made it to baggage claim, and then eventually, the main lobby of the airport, searching for a ride to our hotel. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned whenever you visit a third world country, so we were forced to wait for our ride in the airport for about a good two hours. That didn't stop Michelle and I from having our fun though; almost as soon as we got into the main lobby of the airport, the drinking debauchery began. By the time we were herded onto a bus for the hour and a half journey to Negril from Montego Bay, we were both drunk out of our minds. Inebriated as all hel, we had high hopes for the week that was ahead of us as our bus zoomed along the Jamaican back roads.

Despite my drunken state, I was still able to make some observations about the country we were in. As a former British possession, Jamaica is a country where the people drive on the left side of the road, and as we saw the more and more we traveled, was an extremely poor country still feeling the aftereffects of colonization. Their "highways" consisted of dirt roads that dangerously curved around incredibly steep cliffs and, at times, could only hold one lane of traffic at any given time. During our bus ride to Negril, there was a moment where the bus was trying to cross this bridge that only had one lane on it, and, of course, while it was crossing, there was traffic that was coming in from the opposite direction that was blocking the exit of the bridge. A shouting match ensued between the bus driver and the occupants of the cars ahead of us. It became a game of "Chicken" as the bus driver and the car drivers just waited for the other to back up and give way to the other. Finally, the bus driver caved in and backed up the bus in order to let the incoming traffic through. I felt like for whatever reason, the bus driver's pride sank a little bit after that moment. He was forced to back up the bus. I'm sitting there like, "bitch, it's not that serious." Bombaclot.

We finally arrived at our hotel in Negril (after about an additional hour of the bus driver getting lost in Negril looking for it.) and settled in as we found Morgan and the gang already in. We were starving as all hell, and it wasn't long before we learned that the only things to eat around Negril was jerk chicken, jerk chicken, and more jerk chicken. Oh yeah, that, and some food from the local "Margaritaville," a tropical themed restaurant directly aimed at Americans visiting from abroad. After a couple of meals in that restaurant, we quickly learned that unless we wanted to starve the rest of the time we were there, it would be better if we went somewhere cheaper and more local for our meals. As the week wore on, we eventually began learning what was up in Negril and found a couple of cool spots that served decent food at great prices in comparison to the stuff at the "Ville. By the end of our stay, I think I had enough jerk and curry chicken to last me a lifetime, but nonetheless, it was still good shit that hit the spot everytime after a long day's worth of tanning, gawking, and swimming.

Right from the get-go, the main thing that I did not like about my time in Jamaica was the fact that no matter where we went, there was always someone that was trying to scam us out of our money. First of all, before I left for Jamaica, I had imagined a place that, y'know, was kinda secluded from the main areas of the island and was strictly a place where Spring Breakers did their thing. I imagined board walks, clean beaches, and a shitload of white flesh roaming around half-naked. I even remembered saying something to the effect of, "Man, it's going to suck if we don't even get to see any natives." Boy, was I wrong. Completely. Instead of the boardwalk I had imagined, instead, Negril was one big run down street strip lined with ragged-looking hotels and crusty looking Jamaicans trying to sell everything under the sun. "You want some weed, mon?" "You want some Ex?" "I've got the best jerk chicken in all of Jamaica." "Check this out, mon, I've got the latest shiiit; nitrogen, mon." (There was actually a woman standing around, at one point, with a big ass tank of helium and some balloons in her hand, trying to sell the tank to whoever passed by. "This be nitrogen, mon, and it will make you sound funny.") Cab drivers were a dime a dozen, and no matter where you went, they'd try to charge you crazy amounts of money just to go down a couple a blocks. Even the cab drivers themselves tried to sell you shit while you were riding with them. "Mobile pharmacy" somehow doesn't do justice to these enterprising cabbies. I could never let my guard down the entire time I was out there. It wasn't that I felt scared or endangered or anything, but, it was just that I felt so violated everytime I stepped out onto the strip with all the people that kept on begging me for my freaking money. I kept my hands in my pockets and made sure to look back a few times every so often; this was the kind of place that if I ever dropped some cash onto the ground, by the time I turned around, that shit would be gone in a heartbeat, and not a sign of anyone around. Somehow, I felt like I was in a warped version of Chinatown in Manhattan, or worse, Marshall Street in Syracuse, with Jamaican accents and palm trees.

Our hotel, a place called Daniel Villas, was a place that we quickly learned was a pretty mismanaged hotel. The exterior of the hotel's villas looked pretty cool, and the rooms were okay, but there were some things that were clearly lacking during our stay there. For example, what kind of place actually runs out of water every night after 2 in the morning? Or, who's heard of a hotel that doesn't believe in stocking comforters on the beds, or placing phones in each of the rooms. And one key per room? Even the crappy hostels Michelle, Giselle and I stayed at during our epic trip to Italy last year had more amenities. ATM machines were no where to be found, and in the case of Pedro, Walter, Paulie and Ed, air conditioning was non-existent. For the kind of money we paid for the trip, these minor things are to be expected at a hotel that caters to incoming American tourists. I was surprised that at the very least, our hotel rooms had American electrical outlets instead of the big, clunky, British ones that are the standard across the island. Regardless, however, we made the most of it, and didn't let such minor issues get us down. After all, we were in freaking Jamaica! Sun, fun, and beaches....

So now, people want to know what was up with the parties. And I'll tell you wasn't what we were expecting. While fun, many of the "themes" that these parties had didn't work out so well in the end. Like the infamous "Mardi Gras Hook-Up" party, where people walk around with beads trying to get other people to show each other their private parts, was a really dry affair, with people refusing to come out of their shells and actually participate. The music at almost all the events was straight up wack (I heard more 50 Cent in Jamaica than I heard reggae music...isn't that some fucked up shit? I didn't go to Jamaica to hear "Candy Shop" 18,000 times.) Of course, being the free spirits we are, we still made the most of everything, despite the disappointing activities (or lack thereof) at these events. The best night we had was this time that we went to this club that's popular with the went straight bananas in that club...the girls look oh so delicious that night, and the drinks were pouring non-stop...

...Of course, this is where I tell you that the unofficial theme of this trip was "Cockblocking At Its Finest." Despite the abundance of girls to choose from, all of us came home with no buns to speak of. Simply put, we had more fun cockblocking each other. We were clearly more interested in the "Thrill of the Chase" than in the actual end-deed. We had all this talk of "maja-popping" and at the end of it all, there was none to be had. We all, instead, just cockblocked each other. It wasn't like we didn't try, either, but clearly, the stars were not aligned for us. It was a combination of incredibly high standards set by us and us spending more time cockblocking than trying to get up on girls of our own. Nonetheless, we didn't need buns to have fun on this trip. It really wasn't that serious of an issue. It would've been nice if we had participated in our own version of "College Kids Gone Wild" in Jamaica, but, in all, it really wasn't al that important in the end. No matter what, we had tons of fun cockblocking anyways. :-)

So, outside of eating jerk chicken, getting drunk, and partying, what did I do? Well, we took a couple of excursions, such as we headed to these waterfalls that were absolutely cool. (Where, much to the delight of the rest of the gang, I ripped my swimming trunks right at the crotch region.) I went cliff diving, jet-skiied, snorkeled, and smoked mad Cuban cigars. I was loving every minute of it. I had one of the greatest epiphanies of my life sitting near my hotel pool, smoking a Cuban, and just thinking about my life back home. And I also spent some time making friends with some of the Jamaicans that worked at our hotel. Mad cool people, all of them.

By the time we left the following Sunday, I felt like we had actually belonged there, with the experience that we had acquired during a week's worth of dodging, bartering, and conversing with the locals. They knew us by name, and spoke on plain terms, as we gave each other pounds and high fives and created inside jokes between us. The plane ride home was definitely a somber one, as Michelle and I quickly realized that we were going to miss the wonderful little place we call Jamaica. Despite all of its shortcomings, we still made the most of our trip and established memories that will last a lifetime. When I arrived at JFK airport back in NYC, the minute my skin felt the cold air, all I could do was sigh and say in a low growl, "bombaclot, ev'ryting's not irie 'ere, mon." I may have arrived home dead broke and completely exhausted from the 7 straight nights of drinking lunacy, but considering everything we experienced, I wouldn't have it any other way.
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