Monday, May 30, 2005

Crush of the Month (June 2005)

Miss Lebanon
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It definitely has been a couple of months since I last published my "Crush of the Month" winner. Of course, with the incredible releases of "Sin City" and the upcoming release of "Fantastic 4", Jessica Alba definitely had the star power to carry that mantle for months on end. But now, her reign (as well as the brief reign of the PSP, which was really just a distraction from Jessica herself) is over. There's a new Crush of the Month this time around, and it's none other than the upcoming contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, "Miss Lebanon", Nadine Njeim. Wow... she's something... and my pick to win the whole damn thing. And if she doesn't win, well, then those judges are plain wack, lol. At least, however, she can walk away knowing that she made it on the Daily Musings official "Crush of the Month" list! Congrats!

Love: The New Drug

According to a New York Times article published today, researchers are getting closer and closer to discovering exactly what makes humans go bonkers for love. Many people often wonder why when they're going through a passionate relationship, they seemingly act in completely illogical ways. Well, now, there's evidence to show that the human brain actually reacts to love in the same exact way that someone would if they were addicted to a drug. Which also means that things can get pretty bad if you take it away... talk about "addiction..."

This interesting article can be found here , courtesy of the Times.

Moving on Out

My days of living in Syracuse's infamous Columbus Avenue are no more as I am now making preparations to move to a street a bit closer to campus. No more walking 20 minutes to get to class. (Now, it's down to 10). No more being isolated from the rest of people on campus. And no more suitcase packing lessons. :-) Yup, I'm moving out. It should be fun.

ZuZu and Justine are officially living on their own for the coming semester, while I have joined Pedro and Edwin for my final semester at Syracuse. After living with girls for practically 2 years, I'm more than happy to have some testosterone apparent in my domicile.

So, off I go, to pack. See ya'll soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Why Chickens Should Never Cross the Road

Jaywalking Chicken graphic
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This had to be one of the more oddball stories I've seen in a little while. In California, a chicken was ticketed for jaywalking across a road. Yes, people... A CHICKEN. I wish I was making this up, but this is an actual true story. Now, before everyone begins dreaming up images of a cop pulling a chicken over and asking it for a form of identification, it must be said that the cop didn't actually physically hand the ticket to the chicken itself, but rather had it sent home to the owners of the walking food item. The $54 ticket, however, was dismissed, after lawyers representing the chicken's family argued that the chicken was domesticated. The California law dealing with animal jaywalking specifically deals with "livestock", and since the family proved that the chicken was an actual pet instead of livestock, the ticket was dismissed.

I'm sure the family celebrated the goofball victory by having a nice roasted chicken dinner. :-D

You can read about the story, courtesy of CNN, here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gradual Departure

"Wait...what am I doing back in the dorms? Where the hell am I? How did I get here?"

As I tried to put together bits and pieces of the events that led me to this strange and foreign bedroom, I rolled over in the bed I had been sleeping in, after a night of reckless drinking, to discover SOMETHING, or rather, SOMEONE next to me, that I recognized.

"Ohhh...I know you..."

It suddenly all came back to me. I gradually lifted myself out of the bed, careful not to stir my throbbing brain too much. Recollections of the drinks, the sights, the sounds, the music, and the people I encountered the night before streamed through my mind as I attempted to regain full consciousness. Just to make sure, I looked around the bedroom I was in; instead of a dorm room, I had just spent the night in Sarah's house. As I collected my belongings together to head back to my house a few doors down the block, I couldn't help but steal a quick glance at Sarah lying snuggled up in her bed sheets. Deep down inside, I knew that this particular, somewhat voyeuristic moment would never come again. I could only smile as I silently bid a final farewell, our paths forever heading in separate directions from that point on. Sure, we'll see each other again at some point in our lives. But never like this. Never again as college students...

The thought hit me like that bus hit that chick in Final Destination. As college students. On the last Friday morning before Commencement Sunday, I finally realized the full scope of what “graduation” really meant: goodbye. The end. The closing of a book. It took me all this time, even after all the “one last drinks as college students” I took the night before or the countless hugs, kisses, and hand shakes I gave out to everyone as we all celebrated our final Thursday night drink-a-thon together as a class. Somehow, in between all those drinks, the meaning of the word “goodbye” failed to register. I remember heading home thinking that I would have to top myself the next Thursday, never fully realizing that there wouldn’t be another chance for me to do so after that…

At least with this Class.

With one more semester to go of classes, I had a rather unique experience going through the motions as a graduating senior during Commencement Weekend. Behind all the pictures, ceremonious pomp, and yells of “congratulations,” stood someone who had yet to be free of the weight of academic pressure that my fellow classmates had managed to overcome. While everyone else spoke of “never having to go to class ever again,” I stayed quiet, knowing all too well that I could not say the same thing. For me, Graduation Weekend did not give me any sense of accomplishment; instead, it was kinda like I was giving myself an “IOU;” here I was, going through all the ceremonies, but I still had just a bit more to go.

Regardless, the gravity of Commencement Weekend was significant if not for its personal symbolism, but for its ceremonious goodbye to the good friends and acquaintances I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and chilling with over the past four years. All the horrible classes, all the midnight runs to Pita Pit (El Saha, biatches!) and Dominoes, the South Campus parties, the cold walks home, the times spent in Schine doing absolutely nothing… all that stuff adds up to a lifestyle that we, collectively, as a class, will never have together ever again. The thought of not seeing so many people who were a part of my daily routine for four years actually made me tear up for a couple of minutes as I sat in my quiet apartment two hours after Sunday’s Commencement ceremony. As so many of my friends had already packed their bags and cars and started their way home with their families, I suddenly felt alone. Left behind, even. I couldn’t help the cold feeling gnawing away at my insides. It was as if everyone left me all alone in a cold room, and the last person who left turned off the light without looking back to say goodbye…

As my mother, her boyfriend, and my grandmother sped back to NYC mere seconds after Commencement (a fact that angered me to no end… more on that in another blog entry), I found myself staring at a Playstation magazine and flipping through pages that I couldn’t even bother myself to read. Instead of reading about the latest video games, I was thinking about the last four years of college and thinking about the people I had encountered along the way. Each page I flipped through represented a different, random, person, and with every page turn, I said a personal farewell to each one. Some of them I just know I’ll run into again, but for others, well, as Penelope Cruz said in Vanilla Sky (insert cute Spanish accent here), “Maybe in another lifetime, when we are both cats…”

Sarah… It’s always been a pleasure being shoved into your closet and sharing a drink or three with you. I can only hope I’ve trained you well, my young pimpette. Bricks ‘n’ all. :-) Three cheers to the girl who experienced the delightful Sadler 7 along with me.

Patti… Med school won’t know what hit ‘em. And neither will anyone who cuts you off on the road. We went way back to WRT 105, with that teacher we both suspected was gay. Thanks for all the rides, laughs, and random runs to IHOP.

“Prince”… You crazy friggin cracker. I’m gonna miss your antics, your memorable comments, and your liquor cabinet. No matter what you say, though, you always were Morgan’s bitch, though. :-)

My Avondale girls… Melissa, Lauren, and Chenell. (Jessica, you would be here, but you’re staying another semester, like me!) We all go way back, especially Lauren and Chenell. I’m gonna miss you all, you friggin Stumpies. Between hitching tents in living rooms, messing with rodents, and collectively beating the crap out of Chrissy, we’ve had some good times. Chenell, though, you need to learn how to pick up your phone!

Brian from the ‘Fucks… We only met recently, but damnit, the venom we shared for Starbucks became a natural bonding magnet. Good luck in the future, and stay away from the managers from the SU store! :-)

Omar G… My meng, my fellow Mac fiend, and Avondale companion. Florida’s sun ain’t got as much shine as you, kid. Holla back, bro. And stay away from the gators.

Michelle S… All I have to do is look at that wonderful picture you took of yourself with my camera phone at Commencement to remember that radiant smile of yours. Though we never really were more than just good acquaintances, I’m still going to miss ya, even if it was for brightening up my day every time you walked by. :-D

Cory… I remember thinking freshman year that you were going to blow up some kind of academic building by the time we were done. Instead, you were just a Mac zealot, and a cool dude, overall. Thanks for the software, the DVDs, the cool convos, and I apologize for that broken DV cam!!! It wasn’t my fault, I swear!

Vicki K … You know, I always did have a crush on you, being in Speech, n’ all. It’s too bad you always kept looking away from me everytime I tried to make eye contact. Either you liked me too, or you couldn’t stand the sight of me, but somehow, I doubt it’s the latter…

Omar T… The “gadget man” himself. Law school won’t be able to shake that confidence out of you, meng. Keep doing you. Somehow, I think everything is going to fall in place just fine for you…

Adam… You’re my “number 1” fan on the Inside, my meng. I got nothing but love for you. Stay away from Chemistry. I look forward to seeing you on the other side…

Jorge… Michelle might call you “fluffy” (you seriously need to give that bitch a jaw tap every time she says that), but I call you, “the bro I never had, but always wanted.” (gotta love double meanings) And we both have the coolest last name in the WORLD. :-)

Jennifer T… It’s a shame I only got to know you this year, despite the fact we were cooped together in London. You have this illuminating smile that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy all over. Especially when you’re drunk. :-) Hopefully, you’ll never be a stranger and you’ll give me a holler every once in awhile.

Lim… You’re the first friend I ever made in the Cuse!! I’m going to miss ya lots! I’m sure I’m going to be IMing you every once in a blue moon or so.

Chiyo… Despite everything that’s happened between us in the past year and a half, I can honestly say that I actually really miss you, and wish with all my heart that things did not turn out the way they did. Sure, nothing can change the crap that transpired between us, but at the same time, I just can’t walk away and forget everything else that came before that, and because of that, I wouldn’t wish you any kind of harm at all. No matter what you decide to do in your future, I wish you only the best of whatever life has to offer.

Morgan… All jokes aside, and definitely, no ‘mo, you were one of the better friends that I’ve made during my time in Cuse. How can I forget the times we had when we were roommates, or the endless list of quotes, and most recently, the drunken antics from Jamaica? Stay strong, keep that shape-up crispy, and take the same amount of confidence you have in social environments into corporate ones, and you’ll be fine.

Mishu… Bitch.

Okay, okay. See, it’s burning me to hold onto this. I know this is something I gotta do, but that don’t mean I want to. What I’m trying to say is that, I, love you, I just… I felt like this is coming to an end. And it’s better for me to let it go now than hold on and hurt you. I gotta let it BURN! Burn, bitch, BURNNN…

Whew. Okay. I let all that out. Anyways. Michelle, honey. Sweetie. Plain and simple, I heart you. Our relationship ain’t going nowhere, no matter what station you decide you want to work for in the future. (Bronx News 12! As local as local news gets!!!) We’ve been through practically everything together. And in just four years!? Wow. Seriously, I think you alone were worth paying 120,000 for four years at SU. Fuck the classes, fuck the teachers and the degree. No piece of paper can amount to the kind of relationship I have with you. And that’s the truth. I can’t say it enough times…I love…man, fuck that sappy shit and OPEN YOUR TWAT!!! :-D (inside joke, people, calm that down)

So, goodbye to all of you and the people I didn’t mention in the Class of 2005. Some of you I’m going to see tomorrow, while others I’m never going to see again, but no matter what, it’s been fun.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars!!!

Episode III
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After seeing Episode III today, I think I'm going to have even less time now to write in the blog as a result of the fact that now I'm going to be watching ALL the Star Wars movies back to back for like the entire weekend! Soooo see ya'll in a bit!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Graduation Pics, and Mini-Movie Up!

Hey everyone. I have just posted my graduation pictures and a little mini-movie (Quicktime required. Free download at

So check out the Shindig! You can find it here. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Monday, May 16, 2005

All Smiles at Graduation

Just wanted to put up a quick post of me, my momma, and my grandmother, posing and cheesing immediately after my Commencement ceremony at SU. More pics, and an actual blog entry soon to follow!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Terrorism in Any Language

Today in the New York Times, an article was published regarding the legal dilemma the Bush Administration facing with the recent application of Luis Posada Carriles for political asylum in the US. Carriles, a right-wing, anti-Castro Cuban national, is a wanted man in Latin America for his connection to the bombing of a passenger jet belonging to a Cuban airline, killing all 73 people on board during the 1970's, and is also connected to a series of bomb plots across Latin America and the US. Once supported by the CIA during the 1970's and 80's, for participation in both the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well as a bunch of contra movements during the 80's, Carilles was recently named by Fidel Castro as the "worst terrorist in the hemisphere."

However, despite his actions against civilians, right-wing Cubans in Florida consider this guy their hero for his actions against the Castro Administration. With no regard to the innocent lives that were lost, many Cubans in Florida sincerely hope that the US grants the guy asylum and does not either jail him or place him on a plane leading directly to jail somewhere in Latin America. Desperate for that right-wing Latino support in Florida, the Bush Administration would love to do nothing more than to grant asylum to Carriles and welcome him to the US as a "freedom fighter..."

However, there's that little thing that Bush would like to call his, "Coalition of the Willing" speech.

Any nation that harbors terrorists is an enemy of freedom.

Last I checked, a guy who plots a bombing of a passenger airline and tries to plot all kinds of activities affecting civilians is a terrorist, no matter how much you agree with their actions. So, by caving into the demands of the traitors, ahem, right-winger Cubans, in Florida, Bush would be completely undermining the vast majority of the foreign policy he mapped out during his first term.

All for a little war of politics against the one and only Fidel Castro.

If Bush knows what's good for him, he'll turn back this guy's application and send him back to Hell, where he can go and get brought to justice for his actions against civilians. If not, then, well, there's no mistaking it; Bush would have just confirmed that he is, in fact, that one thing that he accused so many other people of being...

...A flip-flopper.

You can find a link to the NYT article here

Happy Momma's Day!!!

Happy Momma's Day to all the momma's out there!!! Hugs and kisses to all of ya'll!

The Real Life Jungle Book

See, this is why I want a doggie...

According to, a newborn baby in Nairobi, Kenya, abandoned in a forest, was found by a dog, who carried the baby in a bag across a busy highway, and took it to a little shed where it had been housing its own litter of puppies. The baby was found after people who lived nearby heard the baby crying. Shortly after, the baby was taken to a hospital, where it has been listed in stable condition despite being abandoned for over two days and being under the care of another animal.

Man, what an awesome story. Imagine if no one had found that baby...we could be talking about a real life Mowgli, raised by dogs, though, instead of bears named Baloo...

You can check out the rest of the story here.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Movie of the Month (May 2005)

My latest movie project, "The Price of Cool" is this month's "Movie of the Month" on the Shindig. A departure from last month's tribute to sex-crazed spring break antics, this particular project was initiated with a single thought; how much do we, as humans, have to give up, in terms of our humanity, in order for us to be able to enjoy the latest and greatest in technology? By making a parody of this generation's "must-have gadget", the iPod, it is my hope to show everyone what is the next logical evolutionary step for music-playing technology...but how much of a compromise are we willing to make to have it?

Check out the movie here at the Shindig's Movie Gallery.

Send me your comments, and let me know what you guys think... this is most definitely a work in progress...

EDIT: Please note that the movie takes about 2-4 minutes to load, depending on your internet connection. You will see the Quicktime logo during the time the movie is loading, so just sit tight and wait for the movie to begin. Total length of the feature is about 2 1/2 minutes.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Miss You All!!! much work and nonsense going on around here... I've got a week and a half left till graduation (even though I'm staying for one more semester, I'm still walking), and I've got a crapload of work to do. Couple in all these events for Apple that come up, and get-togethers that all my friends are dying to have before we all graduate, and man, you have a rough patch like this one. Soon, the time will come when I can update. Stay tuned for my Songs of the Month and the Crush of the Month, as well as some other content...

I must say...Mac OS X "Tiger" really is worth all the hype surrounding it... more on that some other time.

C'mon, People, Keep Eating!

In my last post, I mentioned this article that was published in the New York Times that breaks down the results of a study that shows that slightly overweight people actually live longer than people who are considered thin, by medical standards. Well, it looks like a lot of people took the my last blog entry's title to heart; according to an NYT article from today, people all over the country are beginning to eat a bit more and not feel guilty about it at all. The Times also discusses the large debate that is raging in the medical community about the study, with some doctors willing to do anything to break the billion-dollar diet industry, while others maintain stern warnings to keep eating "healthy." It's a rather interesting read, and everyone should check it out.

You can find the article here.
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