Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm Sure He's Laughing...

In a rather blasphemous editorial article published in Germany's Die Welt newspaper, the author calls President Bush, "the Steve Jobs of world politics." I'm sure Steve, the famously liberal CEO of Apple and Pixar, would LOVE to see his name right next to Bush's...

Come on, guys... compare Bush to someone like Bill Gates; drop billions of dollars on projects that always seem to fail and never deliver on what they're promised, and yet, somehow, con people into buying them. After all, Bill IS an avid supporter of the Bush Administration...

Look at at synopsis of the article here

Thursday, February 24, 2005

What's Up With Blogger?

Strange, but after all the posts that I've written in the past three months, Blogger still says that I've only published only 93 posts, a number that hasn't changed in all that time...

Cockblockin' Wal-Mart

Say No to Wal-Mart!!!
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In a sign that not ALL is lost in this crazy world of today, a real estate developer in NYC dropped plans to open up NYC's first Wal-Mart in Queens. Apparently, so many people protested and sent letters of the "strongly worded" kind (Read: "I will fucking kill all of you cracker muthafuckas if you fucking decide to bring that fucking Wal-Shit here.") that the developer was forced to rethink its plans. After it looked imminent that NYC was about to get occupied by the great Empire of Caca, this news comes as a great boon to my confidence that NYC will, at least for a little while, remain one of the last great bastions of intelligent life left in the US.

Wal-Mart has had such a hard-on with trying to enter the New York market...but what it refuses to understand is that New Yorkers do not want Wal-Mart. We love being able to find our own god damn low prices. We love shopping in places that set trends, not follow them three years later. We love buying things that are outside the mainstream. And, most importantly, we love our own god damn local supermarkets, bodegas, and grocery stores, which all add to what makes NYC such a cool place to live in. The only people who want a Wal-Mart in NYC are the bastards that live out in Long Island that could already spare the 25 mins to drive to Wal-Mart in the suburbs, where it needs to stay. Some people outside of New York can't comprehend life without Wal-Mart, but trust me when I say that everything is peachy without it. My cousin, Raul, for example, who's currently a slave for the Empire (Read: Employee) doesn't understand why we wouldn't want a Wal-Mart. "Don't you guys like saving money? Don't you guys like getting things in bulk?" First of all, let's break the "Already Low Prices" myth. In a city as expensive as New York, we find that most of the time, prices, with particular reference to groceries, are lower at some of our smaller supermarkets than in Wal-Mart. Some can be like, well, if you show Wal-Mart the circular from your local supermarket, they'll lower prices to meet that price. But, for all that, you might as well just stay within the confines of your local supermarket. As for the bulk thing, think about this for a second: how much space do you think people really have in NYC apartments? We certainly ain't going to store 15 gallons of ketchup in our closets. We don't have the luxury of having room for two refrigerators, garages, and walk-in pantries. So, we buy less and more often. (It's not like London, either, where most people do their grocery shopping every day; we don't have space restrictions that are THAT bad, lol.)

So, with all that said, Wal-Mart needs to give up on trying to conquer NYC. New Yorkers are fiercely loyal on maintaining their way of life. The last thing New York needs is a lifestyle of that similar to the suburbs. And who the fuck wants that, save for the peanutheads on Staten Island? You want suburbs, move. But keep New York metropolitan. I've seen what Wal-Mart can do to places. It's called, "Syracuse." 

Read the New York Times article that goes into more detail about the developer that pulled out the Wal-Mart deal. "Developer Drops Plan for City's First Wal-Mart"

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

An Ode to the Doofy Moments

I was having a phone conversation with Anna today, when we began to go over some of the highlights of our lives from the past couple of weeks. Being an avid reader of the Musings, we both discussed in detail some of the many situations I've faced over the past month, such as my Valentine's Day quagmire, awful snowstorms, and of course, the rules of the college "dating" scene. When trying to explain to Anna the various unwritten rules of "hooking up" in a college campus, she responded almost as if I had been speaking Greek to her the entire time. And rightfully so. All these years, with accurate precision, I had followed a set of personal guidelines established to always ensure that no matter what, I had the upper hand at the start of any single relationship. Known as "playing the Game" (as opposed to "spitting game" which is something completely different), savvy bachelors employ tactics that are based on the simple premise that one must always "save face." You can't, for example appear as if you're really into someone because by doing so, you risk pushing that other person away, or you never call someone the same day they give you their number, lest you want people to think you're desperate or something. For the uninitiated, playing the Game can be quite a difficult endeavor, especially if you really like someone, but can't let them know too early for fear of "losing face." And personally, I was taught at a very early age that if you wanted to succeed in hooking up, you couldn't show your hand too early.

And that's the way it is for a lot of people on this campus. Everyone plays this "Game" to give them the best chance at scoring their target. It's almost as if we're all collectively afraid to step out of this norm for fear of rejection and a sullied reputation. While it's easy to give credit to the Game for keeping order to an otherwise chaotic dating scene, at the same time, it lends a mechanical quality to the whole process, almost as if we're all reciting the same lines over and over again, just to different people. We all strive to aim for this concept of the "perfect hook-up," but, after I had finished explaining some of the reasons and concepts behind "playing the Game" to Anna, I realized that of all the times I've employed such tactics, the most memorable and successful of times came about when everything didn't go according to the set script. Actually, that's an understatement. The most memorable of times came about when everything went completely wrong, like that scene from the movie, "Hitch" when Will Smith knocked the shit out of Eva Mendes with his leg after trying to mount a Jet Ski. It's those "not so smooth" moments that stick out the most and often bring about the most joy when recalling them.

So, with this Musings entry, I hereby pay an ode to those Doofy Moments, when NOTHING goes according to plan. A misplaced hand, a not-so-subtle fart, the collapsing bed, or the accidental bump on the head. Those are the moments I'm talking about. It's time that someone pays them their due.

So here's one for those underground doofballs out there. Just don't O.D., wouldn't be respecting the Game...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Post V-Day

Ha, not Veronica Day. Valentine's Day. Silly.

So, almost everyone thought that I was too analytical in the breakdown I had of who I was going to choose to be my Valentine this year. Granted, I'll admit that it wasn't the most conventional approach in choosing Valentine, but still, I argue that it was necessary considering the kind of environment I go to school in. I mean, come on, think about it; what do people do when there's nothing other than freeze to death in the eternal snowstorm we call "Syracuse?" They GOSSIP! And it's not like, "he said, she said" gossip. Nah, instead, with some of the stories that you hear, sometimes, you would think that most of the content came from the "Jerry Springer" show. Or worse, Fox News. It's not "gossip" anymore when you get to Syracuse. It's fucking "creative writing." And I utterly refuse to play a character in any one of these stories. So hence, I was forced to entertain desperate measures in selecting my Valentine.

Some people asked, "Well, how did Justine feel about being the 'P.C. Valentine?'" While I don't know exactly how she felt about it, I tried to ensure that no matter what, she never felt like she was just a figurehead Valentine. So, I, y'know, pranced around trying to act all cute for her n whatnot, gave her a bunch of hugs, sent her a card, and got her an adorable teddy bear that will prolly end up in a closet somewhere. I was even trying to simulate the whole "couple off" thing, a concept that Zulay never seemed to grasp. (No matter what, she never left Justine and I alone. I felt like smacking her and saying, "bitch, go after YOUR Valentine! She's mine! Actually, I didn't just "feel" like smacking her; I actually did, lol. But, like a lost puppy, Zulay just kept coming back for more. Wench. Talk about a 'block...)

Unfortunately, Valentine's Day itself was a rather packed day for the both of us, so we didn't exactly have the kind of time we needed to make it a complete success. But nonetheless, we both aimed for the next day, when we finally exchanged gifts and went out after classes. It wasn't exactly romantic, but it was certainly sentimental, which was the most important thing. So, it actually came out better than I could hope for, considering the circumstances.

So yah...I hope everyone else's V-Day was awesome. Holla back!

And by the, I did not get any booty from her, lol. You, sick, perverted people. She's my roomie, after all...

...Next year is a different story, though... ;-)

I Guess I'm Not Alone...

Lately, it seems like everyone's blogs are experiencing content droughts in recent weeks. People have been updating less often and it seems like overall, blogging interest has waned. While I can't put my finger on it, some might begin to question whether or not this whole "blogging thing" as it's become known across media, is dying down. It begs the question: are blogs just mainstream fads from 2004?

God I hope not.

It's awesome having little communities established around people's writing. One of the best aspects of blogging is just getting that feedback from people to let you know what they thought about your latest rambling.

Unfortunately, for me personally, I've been getting so busy lately, that it's quite difficult for me to come home and update the Musings the way I would like to. So, please, bear with me on the updates. They will come, but just not as quickly as they did in months past. Never mind that this isn't exactly London, where there was ALWAYS something new to write about everyday, lol. (Speaking of which, I never DID get around to archiving the entries from London...that's a project that's been almost a year in the least I got the "Values of Cockblocking" entry out the way. :-))

So, be patient for will come. :-)

I suggest everyone take advantage of the RSS feed of this blog and subscribe to it, so that way, whenever I update the site, you will be notified of any changes. See the white "Bloglines" link on the right side? Click on that, and poof, you're on your way to subscribing heaven.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Politically Correct Valentine's Day

I don't ever remember Valentine's Day being so difficult...

Before, it was either I asked whoever I had my eye on to be my Valentine, or I just made my girlfriend of the moment my Valentine. I mean, almost everyone does that, right? (Assuming they participate in this capitalistic holiday, of course) Now, however, things are just...different. Now, I feel as if whoever I choose (or not choose) will have undeniable social consequences for me. Consequences, which, if left unchecked, could very well undermine my entire social experience for the rest of my time at SU. Some of you might think I'm exaggerating, but this is a serious issue, indeed. Ever since my return to SU from my semester abroad in London, I've been placed in a rather uncomfortable place of being "available," which is different from being "single." I am "available" because I AM single, but at the same time, everyone is looking to see whether or not I'm still on the "rebound," which is not such a good title to have. It assumes that you're still not over your last relationship, and that whoever you hook up with next will feel the negative consequences of your assumed emotional distress. (Attachment, indifference, etc.) The one way of demonstrating you're not on the rebound is by going to as many parties and other social events as possible and actively participating. However, in my case, because of the fact that I did not have time to do all that last semester, I've been living in this "available" limbo a lot longer than I needed to. As a result, the spotlight is on me, socially, to see whether or not I'm actually "ready to move on" even though, in my mind, I already have.

So now, getting to Valentine's Day...see, I'm forced to select someone because if I don't, then everyone is going to automatically place me in the "rebound" category, which ain't cool. And see, in this bubble we call college, everyone knows everyone's business, unless you make it your business to hide it...

...Which leads to my second dilemma. See, I'm very big on keeping my random excursions on the low at this school because I don't want random people knowing my business. While I have no qualms at disclosing everything with whoever I happen to be with, I do have extreme reservations about other people knowing my business. It's better for all parties involved to just have everything kept on the DL until further notice. So now, getting back to that whole "spotlight" thing, if I select someone to be my Valentine, everyone is automatically going to assume that I'm messing with that individual. And that's bad because if I select someone I'm actually messing with, then, well, all of a sudden, everyone knows my shit. And I don't want that to happen. Also, unwarranted jealousies may arise based on my selection. You know, if I select one girl I'm messing with for example, and not the other, I just burned a bridge. Assuming I'm messing with more than one person, of course...

...Which leads me to my third dilemma. I can't select someone I'm just interested in getting to know better because, A) Everyone is going to know I'm at least interested in that person, and B) I just burned bridges with whoever it is I happen to be messing with.

So, therefore, with all that out the way, I'm forced to select someone "neutral." Michelle and Zulay are out because it ain't MY freaking job to get them shit. (Other guys are supposed to deal with them) Family members are out because...ewww... Teachers...well, there are some that I would consider, but, damn their code of ethics. People outside of SU don't count in this social context, so by doing that, I'm bordering on grazing the "rebound" what to do?

Then, it hit me. I got the perfect PC Valentine.

My roommate, Justine. People will still assume things, but at the very least, she can deny with all her heart and soul that there is nothing going on between her and I. And it's cool because the other people that can potentially get jealous just won't because they know that she's just a friend. Plus, it's rare that I make a public appearance with just her, and her only...

It works for me! Happy Valentine's Day, Justine! :-)

Values of "Cockblocking" (or lack thereof)

(Well...this is's finally published...hope you guys enjoy it..leave comments aplenty!)

Cockblock: 1. v. To facilitate an action upon another person that prevents said person from engaging in a sexual activity with another individual. e.g.: I was getting ready to bag the shit out of Monica, but Jeff cockblocked me. 2. n. The act itself. 3. n. Person or thing that facilitates said action. May also be referred as a cockblocker

Along with murder and adultery, cockblocking is one of the world's most vile crimes. Every single waking second, 100 people are cockblocked somewhere in the world, all denied coveted access to the very activity we were placed on this planet to do; have sex. In many cases, the actual cockblocking agent is actually an intentional one, put in place to prevent someone from performing their humanly duty of coitus. In other cases, the act is an indirect consequence of another particular action or individual. There are even cases where a cockblock is initiated through more natural means, such as a direct connection to weather patterns and other eniviornmental conditions that would facilitate such a barrier to sex that it would effectively cockblock an individual from engaging in sexual activity with another person.

There are four classifications of the cockblock that help classify each particular instance:

1) Confrontational: The most well known brand of the cockblock. The cockblocks that are classified into this category are the ones that are directly established by someone in order to prevent another person from having sex, usually manifested by an intense desire to either express their apparent jealousy over the other person's potential conquest. A confrontational cockblock can be carried out through as simple a move as physically getting in between said individual and their target, to something as underhanded as taking the time to pulling the potential target aside and airing the other person's "dirty laundry" to sway the potential target's opinion.

2) Friendly Fire: These cockblocks are usually initiated by friends or associates that have no single idea that they are potentially keeping their buddies from "getting some." Ranging from saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, to simply becoming what is known as a "homing beacon" (AKA: Someone who looks a shitload better than you), these people commit cockblocking actions without really meaning to; it just happens.

3) Parental: Parents are God's most natural and numerous of all cockblockers. They want nothing more than for their children to remain virgins until the day they die. (Though, of course, they want grandkids, but they don't want to know how they actually appeared in the first place.) These kinds of cockblocks are not necessarily limited to parents either; they can be brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or close friends of the family. Techniques used to manifest the cockblock action range from limiting access to potential sexual partner (i.e. Curfews, no phone calls, the "tag-along" [brother or sister goes everywhere person goes], separate bedrooms) to more Confrontational forms. In many cases, the power of the Parental Cockblock dwindles with age and marriage, but is still present through more subtle actions, such as a "visit from the in-laws."

4) Circumstantial: The most unpreventable of all cockblocks. Ranging from Acts of God (i.e. weather) to pre-existing physical and psychological conditions (i.e. foul moods, menstrual cycles, constant thought of the "ex"), these cockblocks can happen at any given time, and are often among the most frustrating in nature. Some occurrences can be circumvented, to a certain degree, but for the most part, these cockblocks are incredibly difficult to work with.

Now, in a perfect world, there would be no such thing as "cockblocking." Alas, the "perfect world" is all but a dream, and thus, we must deal with such ignoble actions. At some point in our lives, we've all encountered all four forms of the cockblock, and for many of us, we've also manifested quite a few of our own. This then begs the question, "Is there a such thing as a 'good' cockblock?" This is almost like asking, "Is there such a thing as a 'good' gun?" And the answer is, "no" for both cases, but there are clear times when we have the right to utilize such weapons. Now some of you might be asking, "well, who determines who has the "right" and who doesn't?" And the answer to that question lies with your peers; if you're thought of as an unrelenting cockblocker, then you might find yourself losing friends, decreasing invitations to parties, and eventually, all-out excommunication. And word will get out there. You'll find random people calling you "the 'block" or worse, a Latino Greek. (And no one wants that, right? :-) ) Therefore, for your social well-being, it's best that you use cockblocks sparingly and adhere to a few guidelines:

1) If you are intentionally cockblocked, you have the right and the responsibility of cockblocking them back unless you are the individual that initiated a block in the first place.

Simple stuff right here. You MUST cockblock someone back if they cockblocked you on purpose, or else not only have you lost potential buns, but you've also lost respect among your peers. In the cutthroat game of singles life, it is necessary for you to save face.

2) Do not cockblock someone else if you already have someone to go home with for the night.

Another simple guideline. Simply put, don't be greedy. If you have someone to take home for the night, don't cockblock someone else because they happen to be trying to get with someone you've had your eye on. Do this, and you might just find yourself not taking ANYONE home for the night.

3) You have the ultimate right to cockblock if someone tries getting with your significant other.

You have the ultimate freedom to do what is necessary to prevent someone from macking to your significant other. No one will fault you for that at all. You actually might be looked down upon if you don't.

Whether or not your significant other approves is a different story...and definitions of "significant other" do apply...

4) There is a thin line between "friendly advice" and cockblocking. Don't cross it.

I'm sure there have been many instances where you travel with a bunch of friends to a party or something like that, and one of your peeps is trying to hook up with some random low-life. Now, you've got your friend's best interests in mind, so you definitely don't want them to hook up with that person. You're allowed to pull them to the side and let them know just how you feel, and possibly even point them in another direction, but you are NOT allowed to physically pull or get in between your friend and their potential conquest. Everything else flirts with danger, though. Exceptions apply if friend in question is too inebriated.

5)"Friendly Fire" cockblocks are not subject to direct retribution

As annoying as they can be, do not cockblock your friends because they indirectly cockblocked you first. That's just wrong. I mean, come on; you guys are friends! However, if their cockblock was intentional, shit, it's your duty to teach them a friendly lesson in Cockblock Economics.

So, that's it. Cockblocking is inherently awful, but necessary in some cases as some people will cockblock without abandon. Try not to cockblock this Valentine's Day, but if you absolutely have to, make sure you get 'em good!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"How to Cross the Border" by the Mexican Government

Wow...sometimes life can be funnier than fiction. According to the New York Times, the Mexican government is publishing a "how-to" guide for Mexicans looking to cross the American border illegally. This guide gives tips and guidelines to those people looking to escape the harsh lifestyles of the farm in Mexico to the bright lights of "El Norte," such as how to hire a smuggler, or what to do once you arrive in the US. As expected, the American government is up in arms over this official, state-sponsored booklet, to which the Mexican government simply shrugs their shoulders and says, "aww well." Their reasons for doing it? Not doing so would simply ignore reality, they say. Citing the fact that over 300 people die annually trying to cross, the Mexican government is stating that since they know that people will be trying to cross the border anyway, they might as well gives tips that mean the difference between life and death for these migrants.

What was even funnier was the fact that the NY Times reporter questioned a couple of local migrant Mexicans about what they thought about the booklet, to which they responded, "caca."

Check out the article yourselves: "The Everymigrant's Guide to Crossing the Border Illegally."

Sunday, February 06, 2005

(Unofficial) Crush of the Month (February 2005)

Jessica Alba
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Before I begin, I must say that it's extremely hard for me to pick a "Crush of the Month" in February because of all the distractions that are about as a result of Valentine's Day. So, as a result, I figured I might as well go with my mainstay crush, Jessica Alba, as this month's selection, even though it isn't the OFFICIAL Crush...

Sorry, Jess, you're a placeholder for this month, but fret not, because no matter what month it is, there will always be a soft-spot in my heart for you...:-)

Here's to a Little Diversity...

Last semester, I was in this huge rut, academically. I had so much trouble concentrating on even the easiest of assignments; I would literally stare at a blank screen for hours. I had no idea what was going on with me; combined with a cold that never seemed to go away, everyday seemed like another day spent walking around with no sense of purpose or worth. I tried doing work in different venues, or engaging in outside activities to get my mind motivated. But alas, nothing was working. I couldn't put my finger on it. Some people called it "post-London" depression, and others just plain called it, "a lack of buns," but whatever it was, it was bad. I would sit in classes, and just feel so BORED. Everything began to sound the same. No matter what class I was in, it felt like we were talking about the same exact topics over and over again, and the papers that were assigned had to be written in the same, dry academic style. I hated it. And well, folks, I paid dearly for it, academically. I almost got kicked out of SU. However, after a little discussion with my teachers, and the Deans of my college ("You mean I'm not going to get kicked out? Yay!") I got another chance to make it right again. So, all my grades from last semester are under review, and this semester, I decided to break from the norm and take classes in subject areas I've never taken before...

...And now, I don't think I've been this happy with my class schedule in a long time. Creative Writing (AKA: Let my professors read the Daily Musings), Guitar class (AKA: Try to become the Latino John Mayer, lol), Video Art (Where I get to make stupid ass video projects and call it "art"), Philosophy of Post-Colonialism (AKA: The "Zulay and Ray Show"), Tudor Britain (AKA: Relive memories of London), and finally, Legal Communication (AKA: Latin). Hopefully, with the Video and Guitar class, there will be enough diversity in my schedule to keep me on my toes.

Wish me luck, guys. :-)

Top 10 Most-Played Songs of January 2005

Last month was certainly an eventful one, as all Januaries seem to be. With the beginning of the New Year in Houston, my departure from NYC, and my subsequent return to classes, the past month was one filled with tons of activity. When I wasn't stuck inside closets or running to classes ON TIME (more on that later), I was listening to my iPod, hoping to steal an inspiration of clarity from the lyrical ingenuity of some of my favorite artists. So, without further hesitation, here are the songs that I found myself singing along to even during those awkward, closet-like moments.

10. "Volcano" by Damien Rice, off of the "O" album (new)

9. "Bridging the Gap by Nas and Olu Dara, off of the "Street's Disciple" album (new)

8. "Spin" performed by Lifehouse, off of the "Stanley Climbfall" album (new)

7. "Delicate" by Damien Rice, off of the "O" album (new)

6. "Somwhere in Between" by Lifehouse, off of the "No Name Face" album (new)

5. "Taylor" by Jack Johnson, off of the "On and On" album (new)

4. "Flake" by Jack Johnson, off of the "Brushtale Fairytales" album (new)

3. "Bubble Toes" by Jack Johnson, off of the "Brushtale Fairytales" album (new)

2. "Humble Me" by Norah Jones, off of the "Feels Like Home" album (new)

1. "Sky Is Falling" by Lifehouse, off of the "Stanley Climbfall" album (new)

Wow...a completely brand-new top-10. Not a single holdover from previous months...Five artists, 10 songs. I guess musically, I'm taking this "New Year" thing seriously. (shrugs) Anywhoo, so one of the big artists this month was Damien Rice, this great acoustic, folk guitar dude I was introduced to over a year and a half-ago when I first began working at Starbucks. In recent months, he's been getting a lot of play from a lot of people thanks to the release of the soundtrack for the movie, "Closer," on which the track, "The Blower's Daughter" has been gaining a lot of support. If you haven't already, check this dude out.

Lifehouse scored big on my playlists this month, across two different albums, no less. So big, that as a matter of fact, if this were to be my Top-25 list, they would occupy 10 slots. It was like that. I really can't put my finger on exactly what happened, but I guess maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are due to release another album in the next few months. The #1 song, "Sky is Falling," actually has nothing to do with me being depressed or nostalgic or anything like that. Instead, it has everything to do with those freaking killer icicles I had to dodge to avoid on my way to class. There's nothing like singing, "I'm alive, but tell me I am free, I got eyes, but tell me can I see; the sky is falling, and no one knows," while dodging icy projectiles falling from the sky. You guys should try it some time. :-)

And then of course...there's my meng, Jack Johnson. It's not just the fact that I can now strum my guitar alongside his tracks, or that his songs are really fun to sing in the most random of places. He's Check out his tracks if you haven't already.

So yeah, this month was all about the guitar. Even Norah Jones' track, "Humble Me" is an acoustic set. The only one that has nothing to do with guitar was "Bridging the Gap" with Nas, and even then, there was that bluesy cut on that track. So, the effect was all the same.

Only one song in the top-10 was purchased on iTMS...the others were from actual albums bought over the years.

So, I bid you, "Happy Listening!"

And remember...

DON'T STEAL MUSIC...unless of course you happen to be getting back at an significant other for not getting you those roses or buns on Valentine's Day; THEN you can take all their music, among other things...:-D

Friday, February 04, 2005

Quick, Hide Your iPod! Bill Gates is Coming!

According to an article published in Wired Magazine, Microsoft executives are getting increasingly angry that close to over 10,000 of their own employees own an iPod. Frustrated over their increasingly futile attempts to take over the music player market from Apple, the final nail in the coffin is when their own employees refuse to buy Microsoft products. So, as a result, word is trickling down from the top of the MS chain, down to the employees. that to own an iPod is to be a Microsoft employee in bad standing.

This little e-mail exchange, for example, pretty much sums up MS' internal battle against the iPod. An internal memo initiated by an MS manager, began circulating one day that let readers know that a new shipment of iPods had arrived at the nearby Apple Store:

"FWIW, the gal at the Bellevue Square Apple Store said that they are getting in two shipments of 200 iPods every day to keep up with this week's demand, and are nearly constantly selling out."

The note prompted a curt reply from Dave Fester, general manager of the Windows Digital Media division, who wrote the group:

"I sure hope Microsoft employees are not buying iPods. We have great alternatives. Check out http://experiencemore."

Fifteen minutes later, the manager responded:

"I don't know what I was thinking. I'm sure that Microsoft employees are not buying iPods, or Macs or PlayStations."

That shit is straight gangsta!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wow...It's Been That Long...

Man, look how time flies...I never thought I'd be saying this in what appears to me to be "so soon", but...

It's been a year since I broke up with Chiyo...


How does that make me feel? I really don't know what to feel actually, other than the fact that I'm getting old real quick, lol.

I actually had a dream about her last night...the first time I've dreamt about her since last March, when I dreamt that Michelle smacked her with a plantain. Basically, I walked into some generic living room, where a bunch of my old acquaintances from over the years were just chilling, talking among themselves, when I spotted her sitting by herself in a rather large, yellow sofa. In my dream, I walked up to her.

"What are you doing here?"

"Ray, I thought you forgot about me."

"Not yet."

"I just wanted to see how you were doing, so I stopped by."

"I see. There's one problem with that, though, Chiyo."

"What's that?"

"See all these people? (I gesture to the other people in the living room) These are all old acquaintances. People I spoke to maybe once a day at a certain period in my life. Maybe you should come when my old friends are around, instead."

"What? I don't get it."

"It figures. You never did understand true friendship, anyway."

And just like that, I began to lose focus on that particular dream...either that, or I don't remember anymore. Damn, even in my dreams, I can be harsh...

...Happy Un-Anniversary to me...

Where did teenage disrespect for authority go?

According to a poll conducted among American HS students (as reported by the BBC), teens overwhelmingly reject the key US freedom guaranteed to American citizens, the freedom of speech, by a large margin. Two-thirds of American HS students feel that burning the American flag, for example, is illegal. Only 50% of American teens felt that newspapers should publish stories that didn't merit the government's approval. And finally, only 83% of teens felt that they should be allowed to express unpopular views, a number that should be hovering around the 98% range.

You can find the article here: US' teens reject key freedoms

Man...and I thought teenagers in America were supposed to reject authority and do everything opposite of what elders want them to do? Has the younger generation after mine become SOFT?
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